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While I was watching the usual assortment of birds perched on our feeder one morning, a Red-bellied woodpecker unexpectedly flew down from a tree, eager to join the feast.
Knowing that woodpecker's feet are designed for vertical surfaces, I was curious to see if it could land on the horizontal landing bar. The woodpecker circled the feeder, attempting over and over to alight, but after many awkward tries ultimately wasn't able to grip the bar securely enough to keep from slipping off.
After exhausting all of its options, the woodpecker finally flew back into the trees. Grasping securely onto a tree trunk, it pecked into the bark, pulled out a grub, and gobbled it up.


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Growing up in a rural area as a child provided endless opportunities for me to explore the outdoors—chasing frogs by a creek, climbing trees to look at birds nests, or turning over rocks for the ugliest bug I could find to annoy my younger brother with.
Little did I know then that these childhood explorations were preparing me for a deeper
understanding and lifelong curiosity about the natural world.

Through my books, I hope to engage children’s natural curiosity and fascination about the world around us, and inspire children to become avid nature lovers and explorers.

I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree at
Parson's School of Design and The New School in NYC.


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Meet the "GOOD GUYS" in a garden. I'm currently working on a new book about beneficial creatures that make their homes in and around gardens. From a praying mantis ambushing its prey with lightning speed, to a frog using its long sticky tongue to snag a meal, these "friends" of the garden help maintain healthy plants and flowers by eating plant-eating pests, and play an important role in organically cultivating a balanced garden ecosystem. 

For all garden lovers!